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The car-buying process doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating, especially when you shop at Preston Mazda. If you're looking for a Mazda near Dover DE, then be sure that you’re bringing what the dealership needs to sell you the Mazda of your dreams. We are well aware of the stress that can accompany purchasing a new car, which is why we have created this easy-to-use checklist that describes what you need to bring before you buy. Don’t add stress by wondering what documentation you need to bring with you. Our team at your Mazda Annapolis destination wants you to have a seamless buying process so you can get into the driver’s seat of your new Mazda in an efficient and stress-free manner. When it comes time to buy, make sure you bring:

Mazda Dover DE

- Valid Driver’s License or ID

When it comes time to buy your Mazda near Dover DE, make sure that you are bringing a valid driver’s license or some other valid form of identification. Your ID must be current and not expired. If you’re looking to test drive the vehicle that you want, make sure that you bring your up-to-date driver’s license. If you’re shopping for a Mazda near Annapolis, a current and valid form of identification is necessary.

- Proof of Income/Residence

If you are shopping with low or no credit, then you will probably have to bring proof of income and/or proof of residence with you when it comes time to buy. Once you do,  Preston Mazda can get your vehicle the financing that you need.

- Form of Payment

If you want to put a down payment on your vehicle, then you have to bring some kind of payment with you. Whether you are planning on paying with cash or your checking account, be sure you bring the payment method that you plan on using. You’ll also be able to purchase an extended service contract so our factory-trained experts can make sure that your vehicle remains operating at peak performance.

- Trade-In Title

If you’re looking to trade your old vehicle in and that vehicle doesn’t have a bank lien against it,  make sure that you bring in the title. There are a handful of states where the title comes in two different parts, so double-check that you bring in all the necessary parts of your title. You can ask the team at your Mazda Dover DE home, Preston Mazda, more about the trade-in process to make this experience easier.

Mazda Dover DE

- Trade-In Model

If you want to trade in your old model, you will have to bring in that vehicle you want to trade-in. Trading in a previous vehicle can take some of the financial burden out of the purchasing process. Check out our easy-to-use Value My Trade-In tool and get an approximation of your vehicle’s worth before you bring it in.

- Parties Involved

When it comes time to buy,   bring along anyone who is involved with the purchasing process. Anyone who will be on the title or signs your loan paperwork must come along with you. Co-signers and co-owners should both be present during this process. When you buy your Mazda near Annapolis, make sure you bring along anyone who is involved.

- Insurance

You will need some proof of insurance when you buy. Your insurance doesn’t necessarily have to be for the model you want to buy; it can also be for the vehicle that you own right now. Bring your proof of insurance to Preston Mazda and we can help you through the car-buying process.

Up-to-Date Registration

If you are looking to put your current license plates on the vehicle that you want to purchase,  make sure you bring in your vehicle’s current registration. Feel free to ask the staff at our Mazda Annapolis dealership any questions that you might have about the buying process.

Preston Mazda has the hard-working and well-versed staff needed to make purchasing your Mazda near Dover DE easier than it has ever been before. Shop at Preston Mazda using this checklist and take some stress off of your shoulders. Don’t interrupt the buying process by having to run back home and pick up some paperwork with this easy-to-use checklist.

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