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Our team at Preston Mazda, your Mazda dealer near Dover DE, wants our customers to know about the benefits of the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY that is available in your Mazda model. SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is found in the engine, transmission, performance and body of your Mazda and is a driving force behind why it is so effective. This technology only has one purpose: to elevate your Mazda into providing a smooth and outstanding drive with lightning-fast responses. Here at Preston Mazda, your Mazda dealer near Dover DE, we are ready to go over the specifics of the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY with you and explain why you will love using it for every minute of your travels.

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The SKYACTIV®-G (gasoline) and SKYACTIV®-D (diesel) engines all are engineered to realize “ideal combustion,” so that they deliver much greater fuel efficiency than ordinary engines. These engines compress the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders to an unparalleled degree, squeezing a lot of energy from every drop of your fuel. A SKYACTIV®-DRIVE transmission will give you ultimate control over your Mazda, letting you have precise handling and a refreshing feel when you shift your gears. Also throughout the body of your Mazda, the inlaid SKYACTIV®-BODY technology acts as a foundation for weight reduction and increased rigidity. This means that your Mazda is superbly balanced but does not lose any of its durability or protection for you and your loved ones. So why wait? Visit Preston Mazda, your Mazda dealer near Dover DE, and pick out the Mazda with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY today. You deserve to experience a glimpse of the automotive future and that is exactly what the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY will do for you.

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