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Preston Mazda, your Mazda Annapolis home, wants our guests to stay safe no matter where they travel. This is why Mazda vehicles feature i-ACTIVSENSE®, which is a suite of advanced safety technology that uses a number of milliwave radar systems and cameras to grant you and your passengers total peace of mind when you drive*. This system includes active safety technology that will help you recognize possible hazards and pre-crash safety technology that will aid you in avoiding accidents and reducing the severity of these accidents if they cannot be avoided. Let the team at Preston Mazda, your Mazda Dover DE destination, show you how these features can work together to keep you and your family protected when you’re out on the road.

Adaptive Front Lighting System

The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) makes sure that your headlights are optimized according to the conditions of your drive. The system will sense your vehicle’s speed and steering so it can adjust your headlights to point them in the direction that you are traveling. These discharge headlamps are brighter than the typical halogen headlamps, so you are sure to be able to see where you are going no matter the hour. Never worry about blinding the drivers around you when your headlights change position with the Adaptive Front-lighting System.

High-Beam Control

High-Beam Control can sense when there are vehicles oncoming and will switch between your high and low beams automatically. If this system senses the taillights of a car in front of you or headlights driving towards you in the opposite direction, your high-beams will be switched over to low-beams. This switch will also happen if your vehicle senses that you are in a well-lit area or driving at speeds lower than 30 MPH.

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Mazda Radar Cruise Control

The Mazda Radar Cruise Control utilizes a millimeter wave radar to sense your speed and the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Once you set a specific speed range,  this system will adjust automatically and make sure that you keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. You can also check out the Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS) that will display that following distance.

Rear Vehicle Monitoring System

The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System (RVM) uses a rear bumper-mounted quasi-milliwave radar to keep track of where nearby vehicles are in relation to your vehicle. If there is a chance that a collision may occur when you are changing lanes, then this system will sound. The radar is resistant to solar radiation as well as severe weather, so you can always count on this system. This system can detect vehicles over a wide area in addition to vehicles that are incoming at a high speed.

Lane Departure Warning System

The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) will sense line markings on the road beneath you and will let you know if you departure your lane unintentionally. When the road you are on is perfectly straight, you may be inclined to pay less attention. You never have to worry about this again with this feature. If your lane change happens intentionally with a turn signal or an acceleration, then this system will not sound.

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Forward Obstruction Warning

Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW) will sense when there is an obstacle or vehicle in front of you via a millimeter-wave radar system. It will figure out the distance between you and that object, and sound an alarm if it senses that you are within collision-range with that obstruction. It will display an alert and sound an alarm to let drivers know when they should hit the brakes.

Smart City Brake Support

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) will assist you in avoiding front crashes when you are driving at slower speeds. If this system senses that you are at risk for a collision, then it will prepare your brakes so they have the power to stop on a dime. This system will also reduce your engine’s output in an effort to further decrease impact if it senses that you are not responding in time.

Acceleration Control for AT

This system will stop your vehicle from suddenly accelerating due to accidental pedal use. If the system notices that you are using your pedal more than the prescribed amount when your vehicle is at a stop and there is an obstruction to your front, then this system will activate. It will sound an alarm and display a warning light on your meter.

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* The Active and Pre-Crash Safety Technologies identified here are designed to reduce damage and/or injuries resulting from accidents. However each system has its limitations, and no safety system or combination of such systems can prevent all accidents. These systems are not a replacement for safe and attentive driving. Please drive carefully at all times and do not rely on technology to prevent an accident. Not all of these systems are available on all models or in all markets, so please contact your local Mazda dealer for details on availability. Please refer to your owners' manual for additional important system details, limitations and warnings.