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Getting regular oil and filter changes is one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle continues to run at peak performance. Fresh oil will keep your engine properly protected and correctly lubricated. If your Mazda vehicle does not get regular oil changes, then your engine will endure some intense metal-on-metal contact that will cause harm to your vehicle. If you are searching for an oil change near Pasadena MD, come to your local Mazda dealership and talk to our factory-trained team of service experts. The team at your Mazda Annapolis destination will make sure that your vehicle gets the correct kind of oil so it can operate like it just came from the factory. When you use the right kind of oil, you can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 2%. Visit your home for a new Mazda in Dover DE and get your oil changed today.

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Make sure that you check out the Mazda Owner’s Manual that came with your vehicle so you can see how often you should be changing your oil. This oil change recommendation will come straight from Mazda, so you will get the most accurate information about your vehicle. When t your vehicle is due for an oil change, then contact your Mazda Annapolis home so you can schedule your next service appointment. There are some cases where you should be changing your oil at a more regular rate. If you are consistently towing heavy loads or letting your model idle for extended periods of time, then you should probably get more regular oil changes. Do you operate at low speeds often or drive in dusty locations? This will probably apply to you as well. If you use your Mazda to offroad or if your vehicle uses E85 fuel, then make sure you change your oil more often. Come visit Preston Mazda today, and talk to our team about how often you should be changing your oil.

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