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No matter what the issue with your Mazda is, our staff of factory-trained, hard-working technicians will work tirelessly to fix any problem that your vehicle might have and keep it running like new. But what can you do between service visits to ensure your vehicle stays in great condition and prevent major damage? Preston Mazda, your home for that Mazda near Dover DE, is happy to give you a few quick tips to get you and your Mazda to that next service appointment. You should always bring your vehicle into the Preston Mazda service department every time you have an issue, but use these service tips between visits:

1) Always keep track of your tire pressure

Having properly inflated tires not only will help them last longer and save you the money you would spend on new tires, but it will also allow your vehicle to get the best MPG rating it can. Before you take off on a road trip, make sure you check the status of your tires to make sure they aren’t underinflated or even overinflated, as that could cause issues like uneven wear and tear.

2) Regularly check your oil

If you don’t regularly change your oil and filter, then you run the risk of your engine being ruined. If you see that your engine is running low on oil, then come into the service department of Preston Mazda and get your Mazda serviced with a proper oil and filter change. Our expert staff will make sure your engine gets the type of oil it needs to remain at peak performance.

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3) Get a Mazda Pre-Paid Maintenance plan

When it comes time to actually get your vehicle serviced, wouldn’t it be nice to already have the cost of that service covered? You can do exactly that when you purchase a pre-paid maintenance plan. You can save up to 25% over the course of your vehicle’s service plan when you enroll in this program.

4) Watch the way you drive

If you want to keep your engine properly functioning, then you should avoid heavy acceleration and revving your engine excessively. You should also keep from idling for long periods of time whenever you can. It’s also smart to keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you; enough space to maneuver out of the way if something terrible were to happen.

5) Take advantage of your Mazda warranty

Every new Mazda comes complete with a limited warranty that covers you when you need it the most. Ask Preston Mazda, your local Mazda dealer, for more details about the Mazda warranty program. They also provide Emergency Roadside Assistance for some warranties, so you’ll always have complete peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the worst of times.

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