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The connection between technology and vehicles is a crucial component for today’s drivers. Mazda understands that need, and that is why it is introducing the MAZDA CONNECT system. It is a next-generation car connectivity system that allows you to safely and conveniently use your smart device as you drive. Thanks to the innovative MAZDA CONNECT system, you will be able to access your devices in all-new ways and use a range of features that are guaranteed to utterly transform the way you interact with your Mazda model. You will be amazed at how effortless listening to your favorite music, using various apps, receiving different kinds of information, and completing other functions will become. Our team at Preston Mazda, your Mazda Dover DE, is very excited about the MAZDA CONNECT system and knows that you will absolutely enjoy the way it keeps you more connected than ever before.

How The MAZDA CONNECT System Operates

To use the MAZDA CONNECT system, all you have to do is sync it to your smart device while inside your Mazda model. Once that is done, you can access the system via a flexible hardware structure that features a module unit for every one of its functions. When activated, the MAZDA CONNECT system enables the use of different website applications and services (like Aha™ Radio) through its link with your smart device. A next-generation HMI (Human Machine Interface) feature is also part of this system, developed to follow Mazda’s renowned Heads-Up Cockpit concept. Created to minimize distractions of all kinds and to assist you in driving, the HMI feature uses a seven-inch center display on top of your dashboard and has an Active Driving Display component that projects important facts about your journey (current speed, navigation instructions, etc). Thanks to the positioning of the display, you will never have to worry about taking your eyes or focus off of the road. You can access the HMI with either a command controller (designed to work by touch alone) or through vocal commands, eliminating the need to divert your attention from your drive. Our staff at Preston Mazda, your Mazda Annapolis destination, will be glad to go over how this system works to enhance traveling in your Mazda model.

The Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) feature is another component of the MAZDA CONNECT system that works to improve your driving practices. This display is located right above your instrument cluster, making it much easier to view it and the road at the same time. Through an onboard computer, the i-DM feature calculates the best angles for keeping your Mazda model stable and operating the way it should as you travel. It will then present you with an overall driving score, allowing you to see areas where you excel and areas you need to improve in order to get your Mazda model operating at peak performance. One of the most fascinating parts about the MAZDA CONNECTsystem is that its in-vehicle software can continually be updated to match the evolution of smart device operating systems. Here at Preston Mazda, your Mazda Dover DE destination, we are so excited to show you the revolutionary the MAZDA CONNECT™ system. It is time to transform how you travel, so stop in and learn more today!

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