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Taking a test drive is one of the key parts of purchasing a vehicle. Unfortunately, many car buyers don’t pay close enough attention to this step. When shopping for a vehicle, you could love the price, features, and appearance of a model, but you have to make sure that you enjoy the way it drives by testing it out. You should always take your time when test driving a vehicle. Drivers should spend a minimum of 20 minutes testing out a vehicle so they can really figure out how that model works and whether it will fit their unique needs. Use this simple checklist so you can be sure that you always get the most out of the test drive of your Mazda near Dover DE.

Quality of Vehicle: You should walk around your vehicle before you even step in for a test drive. Make sure that you check out the paint and assembly quality so you can be sure there are no issues. Drivers should also check out the exterior trim panels and the cabin of the vehicle as well. Your Mazda Annapolis destination is ready to walk you through our vast inventory to help you find the vehicle that you need.

Space: Get into the backseat of the vehicle so you can see if your family will have enough room to stay comfortable. This might not apply to your shopping process if you are in the market for a smaller sports car, but if you want a family vehicle, you should check out the back seat roominess before you make your purchase. You don’t want to realize too late that your kids don’t have space to relax, so check it out before you test drive.

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Performance/Power: Drivers should also be sure that they’re getting the powertrain that they desire behind the grille of their Mazda near Dover DE. Make sure that you test the acceleration of the vehicle and see how long it takes for you to get from 0 MPH to 60 MPH. You should also see how your engine works across a broad range of RPMs. Address these concerns before you make your purchase.

Transmission: Is the vehicle you’re test driving a manual? If it is, then you should check that your shifter is performing how it should. Drivers should also try out the clutch to make sure that it isn’t tough to engage. Be sure that you test out how responsive your automatic transmission is too. Is your vehicle quick to find the right gear? Let the team at your Mazda Annapolis home help you find a vehicle with a high-performing transmission.

Vehicle Handling: When you are shopping for a vehicle, you want to make sure that it can fully handle tight curves. You want to be in complete control of your vehicle no matter where you travel. See how much your body roll will impede your vehicle when driving around a turn. Try switching lanes a few times to see how your vehicle operates in various scenarios. Make sure that the vehicle you purchase has the handling you need.

Braking: Before you buy a vehicle from your Mazda Annapolis dealer, you should check out the brakes to make sure you can stop exactly when you need to. When you brake, does your vehicle experience a jarring front end dive? Does your vehicle pull one way or the other? Do your brakes still work when you brake and turn your wheel at the same time? If you feel intense pulsing when you’re braking, then the ABS system might need some care.

Mazda Dealership near me

Ride Smoothness: If you can feel constant small jolts through your steering wheel and driver’s seat, then this should be cause for concern. If bumps are an issue, then there is no way that you will be able to stay comfortable on your long drives. You should always keep your comfort in mind during a test drive.

Comfort: You want to make sure that you get a model that fits your specific driving life. Once you adjust the wheel and seat to the position you want while you drive, make sure that you are still able to reach all the important pedals and shifters. Can you adjust the vehicle to your liking? Can you reach everything that you need? You should ask these questions when you test drive.

Noise: Your Mazda near Dover DE might sound okay when you’re driving at lower speeds, but the noise may get unmanageable when you start to rev it up. Does wind leak into your cabin? Make sure that you get a vehicle that keeps the noise pollution to a minimum so you can enjoy conversations on those long trips.

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